Soares Family in Brazil

Soares Family with Atletas em Acao

We are missionaries in Brazil working with Atletas em Acao. AeA is a sports ministry that uses sports as a platform to share with athletes about Jesus Christ

July 11, 2014

Fan Zones in Salvador

We went to visit Celso our AIA coordinator  in Salvador.  I did not get good pictures during our visit of the Fan Zones.  It was also a Sunday and Brazil was not playing so some of the Fan zones were not taking place.  Salvador is an interesting city all the houses are built on top of each other on  hills.

Jessica off to Washington

Jessica left in June to stay with her grandparents for a couple of months.  We are missing her but are thankful for the opportunity she gets to spend with family

Fan Zones in Fortelaza

Here we were watching Brazil win with penalty kicks

We had a wonderful visit with Daniel and Bete the AIA coordinators in Fortelaza.  We were able to visit many different fan zone sites.  It is exciting to see how God uses each of them differently.

July 06, 2014

Fifa World Cup Soccer Games

Stephanie, Tiago and a group from our church got to go to see a game here in Recife

Rogerio and I got to go to a game USA Germany in Recife

We are at the game with our AIA National Director and other AIA staff.

Timothy also got to go to see USA game in Natal

Going to a World Cup game is quite an experience.  It is an event to remember.  I am becoming a soccer fan!!

Jim and Steve- AIA Soccer Chaplins

This month we were blessed to met Jim and Steve.  They are on staff with AIA and work with soccer.  They are chaplins for the USA Soccer team and came to Brazil to have devotional before the games with the USA team.

Fan Zone at our Carpina Community Church

This is the group of volunteers from the church.

Stephanie is ready for the Brazil game.

Carrie and  her husband came to visit one of the fan zones.

Everyone watching the game

Timothy is sharing the 4 Spiritual Laws after the game/

Face Painting

It has been a great month of having the fan zones at our church.  We have had a chance to visit with many different people during this month about their relationship with Jesus.  There are four more games to go.  Go Brazil

May 25, 2014

Carpina Community Church Boys Team

The older boys involved in the sports program had a game in this last month.  They are the ones coaching and doing all the work volunteering with the younger kids.  They finally got to play and it a great job.  For a group that just started to play basketball two years ago they are doing great.

Getting Ready for Mother's Day

Some of the girls from the sports ministry are getting ready for Mother's day in these pictures. We had a special afternoon program for the mom's of the kids involved in sports so more picture to come.  These girls were making decorative boxes for their mothers.

Sports Night

 In April we had a visit from one of the Indiana Community Churches who help 20 years ago start our Carpina Community Church.  Many of the kids came to play basketball and soccer.  They got to hear a testimony from one of the guys and eat some candy!  I made a new friend Barb.  She even left me some peanut butter:)

Rebeca's Birthday

Rebeca had a Frozen Birthday on May 6th.  We love her and she is such a joy to our family.  We love Olaf the snowman.  She is hoping to be able to build a snowman at Grandma's house one day soon!!

Stephanie's Birthday

Stephanie had her 14th Birthday on April 17th.  We are so thankful for her life.  She is a creature and the life of the party.  She is so fun and athletic.  We love her and pray for her to continue to follow God's plans for her!!  This year I bought her a chocolate cake which she loved and ate most of it herself.

April 27, 2014

Book Day at School

Rebeca did not have to dress up but I took her picture under our 5,000 piece puzzle that we completed

This is Jessica she was the Book Thief

Stephanie was in a play of the Three Little Pig that the older kids preformed for the younger kids

Visit From AIA Staff in Holland

Jouka and Bart from AIA staff in Holland were here in Brazil in April to visit the two cities that Holland AIA will send mission teams this July.  We are all at the mall with them to say good-bye before they head back home.  Jouka and his wife are doing the paperwork for visas to come to Brazil for two years and help AIA here.  Rogerio, Rebeca are somewhere and Stephanie is taking the picture.

March 29, 2014

Shirts from Michael Sylvester USC

Michael and his wife Dee were here in Brazil for a visit.  They are on AIA staff at the USA campus.  They have had a huge impact on many college athletes there.  They are praying and planning of working with us in Sao Paulo.  We loved our shirts that he brought us.