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Soares Family with Atletas em Acao

We are missionaries in Brazil working with Atletas em Acao. AeA is a sports ministry that uses sports as a platform to share with athletes about Jesus Christ

July 01, 2010

Rogerio time with AIA Volleyball Team

Rogerio got home on Tues night after a 10day tour with AIA Volleyball Team. He said it was a blessed time. Here are some pictures to share from some of the various activities that they were involved in. The is Bira our director sharing with the Jr National team that they got to play. USA did lose all their games and these guys were from big D1 schools. Volleyball here is Brazil is the secopnd most popular sport and the teams are very good.

This young player from one of the teams was so thankful that the team was there to play and share about Jesus. There were about three players from the other teams that really wanted to continue to learn about Jesus. Rogerio will be in contact with them with Bible Studies.

This was a game and clinic for lots of kids.

Sharing with another team. This is Rogerio helping with a testimony.

After doing all the talking for 10 days, Rogerio likes to come home and have some quiet days.

This is the Brazilian National Volleyball Team!!! They came to Rio on the day the American team was getting ready to leave. They got to have a picture with them. This team has won numerous world championships. This was a highlight of for the Americans.

This is Rio at the Military base where the team stayed. Rio is beautiful

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