Soares Family in Brazil

Soares Family with Atletas em Acao

We are missionaries in Brazil working with Atletas em Acao. AeA is a sports ministry that uses sports as a platform to share with athletes about Jesus Christ

August 05, 2011

Rome Coummity Church

Rome Coummity Church Mission Team should be arriving at the airport as I write. Although going through customs and getting the baggage then takes a little more time. Rogerio left this morning to pick them up. He took our van so no room for all of us to go. There are 10 people coming all from my HOMETOWN. It is amazing that one year ago they started to plan their trip here and now they are arriving. We believe God has a special plan for them here. We have just arrive here too in Carpina so we are believe God as He takes us to the places he wants us to go. They will be doing basketball clinics to help Rogerio start up his basketball program. Just this morning the man at the bakery said that he had a daughter 12 about his height that would like to play basketball!! He said that there are many tall kids in Carpina. I have yet to see them. I forsure am the tallest and just the other day a group of girls called me a telephone pole. That was a first and we all had a good laugh!! We even found a court outside that a bunch of guys are playing basketball. I will be writing up dates as the week goes on!

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