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November 05, 2011

From a Blog Called Femina

I read this blog post about wives and moms and working outside the house. I thought it was a great encouargement to all mom especially young moms beginnning their family deciding whether to work of stay home. After 14 years staying home with my kids, now I am teaching in the morning or 5 hours. Yes, Everyone is in school Rebeca too, but it is a hard adjustment to make. I am so thankful for the encouragement I had all those years to stay home and invest in my house and family. The investment was worth millions.

Cultural Cliches:
I was recently telling my husband how surprised I have been to realize how many young Christian college women are feeling at sea when it comes to understanding what it is they are doing. What is an education for? We used to view an education as preparation for life. Now it is viewed as preparation for a career.
My husband pointed out that there are no cultural cliches to reinforce the calling of the wife and mother at home. All the cultural cliches today are the savvy, sexy career woman, married or not. And it doesn’t much matter how many sermons women hear if they don’t have any cultural reinforcement. They need to see the value and potency of the calling of wife and mother, and they are not going to find this in films, sit-coms, or magazines. Women have been successfully driven out of their homes in our culture, creating a vast vacuum in the soul of our country.
Whenever we address the importance of women raising their children and building their homes, we have to qualify it left and right. If we don’t, we will soon be barraged by “are you saying that women can never work outside the home” questions, and then we have to assure everyone that we know there are exceptions. But the cultural norm should be women who delight in their calling in building homes and families. No one else can do it. God says.
Our young women must be encouraged to view the biblical calling of women as a high calling indeed. And because so many women have abandoned their posts, Christian women can feel like total weirdos, having to explain themselves to strangers at the coffee shop or the grocery store on a daily basis. “Yes, these are ALL my children. And I love it!”
If young women get themselves a lucrative career, and then they marry a man who also has a lucrative career, it takes a woman of faith to drop her career outside the home in order to pursue a career of domesticity and motherhood inside the home. Most people will think she’s nuts because of one reason: money. What is she thinking? She could be making money! Why would she give up the paycheck to stay home? What a waste!
God does everything the opposite way of what we think. At the end of the day, it’s not prestige and a paycheck that rise up to call you blessed. Those things burn up. The things that last, the eternal things, have fat faces and messy hands.
Christian women must be counter-cultural and think like women of faith who take the Bible seriously and don’t mind who knows it. The flesh is weak, but God gives more faith. Cultural cliches come and go, but God’s Word remains our standard and authority for life.
This means that Christian women must accept the fact that God has designed them for a set purpose. Eve was created because Adam needed a helper. He was no good without her. A man needs a woman to accomplish all God is calling him to do. She is his glory. She is his crown. There’s no need to feel apologetic about being a crown and a glory. What an absurd idea!
So, young women, get yourself an education. Learn all you can because you’re going to need it. You want to be one efficient, brilliant helper so this guy you married can get it done. He needs a home and he needs a family and you are the means God has appointed to bring this amazing thing about. What a delight and privilege our calling is.
Are there exceptions? Always. But there is also a norm. Don’t be afraid of embracing the norm of God’s design. It is good.

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