Soares Family in Brazil

Soares Family with Atletas em Acao

We are missionaries in Brazil working with Atletas em Acao. AeA is a sports ministry that uses sports as a platform to share with athletes about Jesus Christ

December 22, 2011

Making Sugar Cookies

We had a fun afternoon making our sugar cookies. We waited for Priscila to come to do all of our Christmas stuff. I made four batches actually 6 but saved some for later. Lindsay and Baby Melody came over. Rebeca loves to play with Melody and keeps her happy.

Rebeca and Melody

This is Lindsay, she and her husband Jeff our missionaries here with us.Priscila is here with us and we are so excited. She arried on Tuesday and will be with us for more than a month. Where is Tiago? I asked him too why he did not participate with us?

What happened to the cookies and where is the picture of the finished products??? They cookies turned out beautiful but we forgot to take a picture of them. We took them to the dinner last night for the ministry. Everyone enjoyed them because they are something very different here. Brasilian do not make them.

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