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We are missionaries in Brazil working with Atletas em Acao. AeA is a sports ministry that uses sports as a platform to share with athletes about Jesus Christ

March 03, 2012

March News AeA Ministry

We are officially starting our new year activities. How can this be since it is March 1st and not Jan 1st ? It is because what they say here in Brazil, the country only starts official activities after
Carnival. We actually started the year in January with our Mission Trip and the four days of Carnival were just a little break before starting our basketball activities in the schools

Now we are ready to start of our local ministry activities. Our AeA team in SP and
PE are searching opportunities to involve sports ministry in schools,
clubs, or churches.

In Carpina, we are already in contact with the directors of JCP and ETEC, which is a technical school with many students. Last year we ended the year with about 120 students signed up in the program “Sports in School” at the JCP school. It was great getting to know some of the young kids like, Edlanyne, Carol, Fabio, Lindalnes, Jamilson, and others. This year we are having trouble starting up the project because of the gym times. The JCP school’s court is used by many
different smaller schools in the city. Right now we just have one day of the week to use the court. We are making contact with other schools with the possibility to begin the program. We would like to get as many students from different schools involved in the project.

We are already working in one private school,” The International School of Carpina” with about
90 students.

We are preparing to receive International teams that will be coming to Brazil this year. We will have AIA Women’s Basketball, AIA Men’s Basketball, and a group from Ohio. We are planning all the activities and games for these teams. The Women’s AIA basketball team coming will be high level because they are bringing an athlete that plays in the WNBA. (Women’s Professional Basketball League). Rogerio will be traveling to SP with them to play the high level team there too.
Our Goal:
1. Create opportunities to present the gospel to children, teens, and athletes at the high level even those athletes that just play on the weekends.

2. Training: We are meeting with 5 leaders of the churches in the area for training. We will meet once a week to talk about sports ministry, strategies, activities, discipleship, and involvement of the church.

We cannot do all this alone. We need you prayers and financial support Your help even in small quantizes is a big help. If you have not looked at the pictures of the Mission Trip that we took in January please take a look
Thank you so much for your involvement without you we are not a team. Don’t forget to send us news about you and your family! We love to hear from you.
1. Preparation for the International AIA teams that will be coming to Brazil in June, July, and August.
2. For gym time so we can continue the project in Carpina, PE
3. For the students who are participating in the projects in Nova Odessa and Carpina –salvation, spiritual growth and safety during the activities.
4. For the training of these five leaders from the local churches here in Pernambuco. Pelo sustento missionário.
5. For the involvement and training of new ministry candidates – Matheus Ratke, Simone Vasconcelos and Priscla Araujo.
6. For the beginning of the project in Nova Odessa, SP and in Carpina, PE using the strategy of basketball.
7. Pray for us missionaries for our excitement, energy, dependence on God. Many times we feel frustrated as we do not see many results of our work and from all the pressures of the world.
1. We praise God for the financial support needed to go on the Mission Trip in January
2. We praise God for the young people involved in the mission trip, Priscila, Simone, Matheus, Tiago, Timothy, Jessica, Lillian, Rodrigo.
3. Praise God for the fruits of the trip – various children are being disciple.
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