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Soares Family with Atletas em Acao

We are missionaries in Brazil working with Atletas em Acao. AeA is a sports ministry that uses sports as a platform to share with athletes about Jesus Christ

November 07, 2012

Book Dress Up Party

 We all dressed up for our friend Jeff's birthday dress up party.  Everyone picked a book and character and thought up a costume.  Rogerio was David Robinson from his biography, Timothy was King Peter Narnia, Stephanie was Katniss from Hunger Games, Jessica was Violet from the Lemon Snicket books, Rebeca was Snow White, Tiago was Geronimo, and I was Waldo from the Where's Waldo books. Mine was a very last minute costume so I am losing the white stripes.  We had a great night at Jeff's book party.
Where's Waldo

King Peter

Tiago was Geronimo from one of the Karate books.

Katniss out for a hunt.


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