Soares Family in Brazil

Soares Family with Atletas em Acao

We are missionaries in Brazil working with Atletas em Acao. AeA is a sports ministry that uses sports as a platform to share with athletes about Jesus Christ

August 16, 2009

On The Road to our House in Brazil

Rogerio took these pictures on the way home from church today. In just three days we will be leaving this place where we are surrounded by fields of sugar cane and palm trees to a place surrounded by mountains and cedar trees. Pictures to come. The contrast in surrounding landscape is about the same contrast that will happen in our lives. Thankfully we will be doing the same thing serving our great GOD and encouraging people to know Him too.

In these sugar cane fields the sugar cane has all be recently cut and you can see for miles. In six months it will grow to be twice as tall as me and they will burn and cut it again.

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